Children are back in school and the KAP program is in full swing again.  To assist the ALMS HOUSE with the funding for this special program, significant grants and funding assistance have been received from:


            Cumberland Community Foundation ~ Women's Giving Circle              

NC Synod of the ELCA – Michael Peeler/Virginia Casey Fund
Junior League of Fayetteville
Fayetteville Association of Realtors
Kiwanis of Hope Mills
Florence Rogers Charitable Trust Fund

The Coca Cola Bottling Company

Members Credit Union


KAP receives both financial and material on-going support, from individuals, our partnering churches, Sunday School classes, as well as many of their men’s and women’s groups. We are also grateful to many of the local businesses who provide items to be packed in the KAP bags.


The Kids Assistance Program wouldn't be successful without the generosity and support of so many.


Kids Assistance Program


The ALMS House coordinates with Hope Mills area social workers to provide packs of food each Friday for children who may not have enough food over the weekend.


If you would like to help provide food for these children, please read the following lists for items that are used in the program (no substitutes, please).

Donation Items:


Bottled Water

Cereal Box (single serving)

Fruit Snacks

Individual Juice Boxes (100% juice only)

Cheese and Crackers (NO PEANUT BUTTER, allergies)

Beef Jerky Sticks

Ramen Noodles

Chef Boyardee Microwavable Pastas (Spaghetti & Meatballs, Lasagna, Beefaroni, Beef Ravioli)

Shelf Stable Milk Cartons (individual size only)

Zip Lock freezer bags, 1 gallon

Kitchen Garbage bags, tall 



All items can be delivered to the Alms House at 3909 Ellison Street, Hope Mills, NC, Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 12 PM.


Tax deductible cash donations are acceptable as well.  Please make all checks payable to: ALMS HOUSE - "KAP"


Donations can also be made online for the KAP Program.