Our mission is to help families reach their sufficiency goals to make the community a better place one individual at a time.  Feeding the hungry; clothing the needy; and providing counseling and financial assistance.


The ALMS HOUSE or Associated Local Ministries in Service Helping Others in Unfortunate Situations and Experiences emerged from the needs that five local pastors recognized based on the number of individuals coming to their churches seeking assistance. Each leader was able to help many families but as a group they recognized their increased reach and how many more lives could be touched once they united together.


In 1984, the doors were opened and the agency became established connecting twelve local area congregations from around the Hope Mills area. Today there are fourteen houses of worship coupled together who form the backbone and foundation of the organization. Additional stakeholders include local area schools, businesses, private clubs and philanthropic individuals.


Each steadfast group partners to maintain and staff the programs and resources provided by the ALMS HOUSE. Each of our devoted and steadfast volunteers and compassionate contributors has blessed many lives by their dedication and generosity. The ALMS HOUSE is an IRS recognized nonprofit organization.